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Chef's Special -Wellington, minimum order - 3 serves ($25 per serve),
please call at least 2 days prior to your order or catering orders


We use Abacus Online Order

"Delicious Handcrafted Gourment Burger with local ingredients. Also offering Fish & Chip, Healthy Poke Bowl and Pasta. Featuring wine braised Lamb shank and more! Come check out our lunch specials and deals!"

11078658_banger burger_Hero
11078658_banger burger_Food_crumbled_fish_souvlaki
11078658_banger burger_Food_three_pack
11078658_banger burger_Food_chilli_beef_hot_dog
11078658_banger burger_Food_seafood_basket
11078658_banger burger_Food_ultimate_burger

Special Order : Burger Cake

Featured Dishes

Fresh Fare

11078658_banger burger_Food_aussie_bbq.jpg

Aussie BBQ

11078658_banger burger_Food_lunch_chicken_burger_combo.jpg

Lunch - Chicken Combo

11078658_banger burger_Food_solo_pack.jpg

Solo Pack

11078658_banger burger_Food_crumbled_fish_souvlaki.jpg

Crumbled Fish Souvlaki

11078658_banger burger_Food_angus_beef_and_bacon.jpg

Angus Beef & Bacon

11078658_banger burger_Food_potato_gems.jpg

Potato Gems

11078658_banger burger_Food_seafood_basket.jpg

Seafood Basket


Lamb Shank

11078658_banger burger_Food_sloppy_joe.jpg

Sloppy Joe

Deluxe Burger

Fried Chicken Basket

11078658_banger burger_Food_onion_gravy_and_bacon_hot_dog.jpg

Onion Gravy and Bacon Hot Dog

11078658_banger burger_Food_bacon_loaded_chips.jpg

Bacon Loaded C hips

11078658_banger burger_Food_mighty_meat_lover.jpg

Mighty Meat Lover

11078658_banger burger_Food_steak_sandwich.jpg

Steak Sandwich

11078658_banger burger_Food_snack_pack.jpg

Snack Pack

Contact Us


499 Warrigal Road, Ashwood


9885 9365

Opening Hours


11:30 pm – 9:00 pm



Wed - Fri

11:30 am – 9:00 pm

Sat - Sun

12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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